The Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

When a Planet is in OWN sign or in EXALTATION 


Placed in Kendra House or Trikone (1,5,9)


  • It involves ALL planets Except Sun and Moon
  • For Mars – it is called Ruchak Yoga
  • Mercury – it is called Bhadra Yoga
  • Jupiter – it is called Hamsa Yoga
  • Venus – it is called Malavya Yoga 
  • Saturn – it is called Sasha Yoga

When all 5 planets togather combine – Ruchak, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malavya, Sasha (exc Sun and Moon) it is called as PANCH MAHAPURUSH YOGA
IT is found in a very important person, someone as important as Lord Ram

Note: An exalted planet which occupies a Kendra or Kona will create a Mahapurusha Yoga ONLY IF dispositor is Strong..


Rahu … 

Nature includes:

Tormentor, thug, liar, cheater, revolutionary, never satisfied, duality- good and bad, suddeness in action like lion who hunts and lazes by moving slow

With Mercury:

Wit, verastility, quickness, communication

Contrast to mercury it is Intuitive part of intellect

With Mars:

Becomes nore aggressive, Revolutionary

With Jupiter: 

Wastes energy as Rahu is lawless and Jup is Law

With Sun:

It is artificial of sun, Strong enemy of Sun

With Moon:

Negative Moon, illusion, paranoia

With Saturn:

Rahu is Saturn but is sudden in nature
Rahu is

FRIENDLY: To Mer, Ven, Sat

Neutral: Jup and Mars

Enemy: Sun and Moon
Rahu is 

Tamasic, brings suicidal tendencies, provided opportunity fir growth where it is placed in Chart

Thug, smoke, intoxicants, poison, insects, owl, southwest west direction, Rahu represents north lives in SW, media, actor, comedian, magician, hunter, Blackmailer, criminal, Don, sexually deviated, sexua disease, AIDS, divorce, loss of limb/eye/body part in an accident, Trance States, Smoking, Cigarrette, Alchol,Mysteriuos, Illusion, Confusion, Maya, Clouds, Mining, Petroleum – black gold, Panchdhatu, Repitles, SNAKES, Pharmacy,Polio, breathing disorders, suicidal tendencies, lunacy, dals, oils, pitcher plant, jasmine, raat rani, all flowers BLUE incolor, bush , DuRva, paan, sauf, astringent spicy foods, all clothes below waist, black blanket, sail, satin, synthetic flashy fabric, Gambling, Stocks, Lottery, mass pschye, follower of what masses do blindly, all types of photography,video games, creativity, inspiration – lightening flash, manic depression, Bizzare vications, Anything Foreign, shadowy, secret, prophets, seers,, IT, Languages, english language, death of partner, manual labor, hunger, obese, great physical strength

Paternal Grandfather and Maternal Grandmother 

Intution, electricity, research, discovery. All types of flying machines and jobs, Sky, ALWAY FUTURE LOOKING, Suprise, mysterious, maya, sudden rise or sudden fall.

Rahu is 2 sides of same coin. Positive as well as Negative.

OWN SIGN: Aquarius (11), Virgo (6)

Exaltation: Gemini(3), Somesay Scorpio

Moolatrikona: Scorpio (8)

Debiliated: Sagittarius (but not as bad)

As Closely related to Mercury and Saturn

Consider only 1st, 5th and 9th aspect

7th aspect do not consider as it already has Ketu

* Retrograde

* 18 months in one sign

* Acts Like Lion or Elephant (sometimes mad) and has surprise element

* Acts in Dakshinayan

* Active at sunset and late nights 

* Major Period: 18 years

* Strongest in Dakshniyan, when moon transits on its Nakshatra- Ardra , Swati, Shatabhisha

* Days: Wednesday and Saturday 

* Rahu related to ashtami (8th) and Panchami as relates to snakes

* Matures at 42 years

* Important years of age for Rahu: 19, 38, 57, 76. 

Supermoon – Tonight ?


What is a supermoon?

When the moon is full as it makes its closest pass to Earth, it is known as a supermoon.

Why “closest” pass?

The moon’s orbit around Earth is slightly elliptical, so sometimes it is closer and sometimes farther away from the planet. The average distance between Earth and the moon is 384,500 km but the actual distance varies throughout the year, between 363,396 km and 405,504 km (Figure 1). To be called a supermoon, the moon has to be both at its closest distance from Earth as well as full.

Are supermoons rare?

Not really. One in about every 14 full moons is a supermoon, University of Wisconsin astronomer Jim Lattis told Reuters. By the time 2016 ends, it will have seen three supermoons — on October 16, November 14, December 14.

So what makes Monday’s event so significant?

The fact that it will be the closest in recent memory. On November 14, 2016, the full moon will be 356,508 km from Earth, the closest since January 1948, when it was nearly 47 km closer. There won’t be another such supermoon until 2034, when it will be even closer to Earth, at 356,445 km.

When exactly on Monday?

At 6:23 am EST (11:23 am GMT), which would make it around 4:53 pm IST, or before sunset in most parts of India. Not that it matters, because the size will not look very different after nightfall — or even on the evening after.

How large?

The full moon will appear 14 per cent larger in diameter than when seen at the farthest point (Figure 2). It will also be 30 per cent brighter than the smallest full moon, though only 15% brighter than the average full moon.

Can one afford to miss it?

It would takes an expert eye to distinguish between this supermoon and the next. So if a casual viewer misses it, he or she can make up by viewing the next supermoon, in December. The fact that the differences are so subtle has, in fact, led to some astronomers questioning the fuss about Monday. NASA planetary geologist Noah Petro, on the other hand, told AP, “Ultimately, people should be more geared toward just getting outside and enjoying it.” What counts, he said, is getting people “talking, thinking and caring about the moon”.


Compiled from a post on NASA website & AP and Reuters reports
Adapted from: INDIAN EXPRESS

Destiny or Freewill ? What do you believe in ?

Its always been a question – DESTINY OR FREEWILL ? We always do believe and perhaps like to Believe in Free Will as it keeps us in the power to control. We cannot accept the fact that life is predestined and that we have no control on it.


But how far – Can we take Free will ? Its only when things happen and you cannot explain or conclude your role play in the result – we switch to what we call DESTINY. “Oh ! after all may be it was my destiny only…”

Full House

I believe – its “I” believe: my opinion – Life is like a card game. What cards you get is your Destiny and How you play it is your Free will and how others play with you – Can also be added to destiny since you do not control it.

I’ll Leave it to you … to What you want to believe…But first take a reading below:

 We know the Term – Karma ..



So, in that sense – YES – Life is full of FREEWILL – But how do you explain – you getting a Cancer and your neighbor who smokes daily hasn’t got Cancer ??

Where is Free Will in that ? You would say its Destiny or Bad luck or point out some reason based on your beliefs.

Lets look at Types of Karma/ Deeds:

    1. It is the sum total of all the past actions (KNOWN and UNKNOWN) that one has performed and stored in his/her Karmic Account.
    1. It is that portion of SANCHIT KARMA which is ready to experience the current effects of past actions which appear as FATE or DESTINY.
    2. Like a fruit can be eaten only when it ripens.
    1. It is the total potential effect created by Current Actions.
    2. This is OUR FREEWILL. 
    3. Like What you do now and has its effect- say like ordering food from restaurant (karma) and food is delivered to your doorstep (effect of karma)
    1. It is the new actions you take as a result of what you think of situation / have an insight.
    2. Like if you Fail – you think over that I must study hard (Agama Karma). and then you study for late hours in Library (Kriyamana Karma – Freewill).


  1. Lets say Mr. X is a singer. He starts singing so beautifully at the age of 8 itself. you become so amazed – how talented he is. But can you explain that on Free will ? NO.
  2. May be in the previous life he may have been a struggler or died soothing his voice without any result – this may have accumulated all the efforts he made – but could not get the results – So his efforts (Karma) become credited to his SANCHIT KARMA.
  3. The effect of which he will experience only when the time is right. (PRARABDHA KARMA)
  4. In this case, in the present Birth – At age 8 (as per our example) may be he is ready to reap the benefits of previous karma – so has a very good soothing voice (effect of Prarabdha Karma).
  5. If he decides to be a singer and plans out his career it becomes AGAMA KARMA and works hard to achieve the goal – practices daily – This comes under FREEWILL (KRIYAMANA KARMA)
  6. Consider, he does not do his Kriyamana Karma – of practicing – he will not become a singer. Nor if he has the gift of good voice (Sanchit and Prarabdha Karma) – Singing career becomes difficult.
  7. Sometimes even with a good voice (Sanchit Karma) and Severe hard work on practice on singing (Freewill – Kriyamana Karma) HE MAY STILL FAIL – Why ? Thats because his Prarabdha Karma have not ripen – he is not ready to enjoy the fruits of good singer.


So, Believing only on the fact that FREEWILL  – and that my success is in my own hands only – its an over-exaggeration or extreme Optimism. Many of us are not even willing to accept the fact that we are not in total control of our own life – and consider Astrology to be bogus. 

It is only when hard/bad things happen in life which we cannot explain – we drop our ego of freewill and turn to God/ Spirituality and on Astrology to confirm our hopes in future improvements. 

Neither am I saying / nor old texts that Freewill has no place. Did you forget – Kriyamana and Agama Karma ?

Well, then if someone asks you – Destiny OR Freewill ? 



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#6 Equinox -Uttarayana and Dakshinayana on the Birth Chart

We know that the Birth chart or the Kundli actually the SKY represented on PAPER.

So lets see how the Sun travels in NORTHERN – UTTARAYANA and SOUTHERN – DAKSHINAYANA in the Birth Chart:


The Numbers shown here are NOT the House Numbers BUT RASHI – So When the Ascendant is ARIES this is how the UTTARAYANA and the DAKSHINAYANA is represented on the Birth Chart.


  1. Sun is actually in Cancer Sign when it is at Tropic of Cancer (Summer Solstice)
  2. When Sun enters Capricorn (10) Uttarayana or Northward Movement of Sun starts.(Tropic of Capricorn)
  3. Transit of Sun from CANCER (4) to SAGITTARIUS (9) Represents Dakshinayana or the Southward Movement of Sun or the Winter/ Fall/ Autumn Season.
  4. Transit of Sun from CAPRICORN (10) to GEMINI (9) Represents Uttarayana or the Northward Movement of Sun or the Summer and Spring Season.



  1. Say you were born when Sun was in Leo..What Can you interpret ASTRONOMICALLY ?
    1. Ok, So You were born when the Sun was in Daskinayana moving from Tropic of Cancer to Equinox.
    2. Being Leo Sign – the month would be around August
  2. All Malefic planets like Mars, Saturn are active during Dakshinayana and Benefic planets are active during Uttarayana. (there is more – but at present lets limit here)


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#5 Equinox – Seasons of Earth

We have racked our brains enough on understanding EQUINOX and SOLSTICE. Lets see it practical application:

Take a look at Diagram:


Please note the Red marked Sun in diagram is an illustration just to make an understanding.

What to See ?

  1. Lets start at March 20-21 – Vernal Equinox: Sun at / on the equator shining bright.
  2. March as we know represents start of SPRING – SUMMER – effected by growth of Environment: plants.
  4. From Equator as  Sun Traverses – Northwards (Uttarayana) reaches up to Highest Excursion  referred to as TROPIC OF CANCER. Sun is now in Rashi of Cancer and shining bright on Tropic of Cancer. Here DAY is the LONGEST. This is the Month of JUNE and referred to as SUMMER SOLSTICE (June 20-22). In India, this is the period of Rains Onset.
  5. In July August – Sun again traverses to south from Tropic of Cancer to Equator
  6. As it reaches Equator – the period of AUTUMNAL EQUINOX starts the beginning of Fall/ Winter in SEPTEMBER.
  7. October and November continues the journey of Sun as seen from earth To Tropic of Capricorn
  8. Sun reaches at TROPIC OF CAPRICORN in December (WINTER SOLSTICE – LONGEST NIGHT in the Northern Hemisphere: Area above equator) and resides in the rashi of CAPRICORN.
  9. JANUARY: While Sun, Still remains in CAPRICORN – and makes its Northern Journey back to Equinox  (Vernal) in JANUARY this marks a Celebration in India Celebrated as KITE FESTIVAL called as UTTARAN marks the UTTARAYANA of the Sun.  
  10. February the Sun continues to move Northwards to reach the Equator in March. (EQUINOX)

A TROPICAL SOLAR YEAR is Movement of Sun from Vernal Equinox to Summer Solstice to Autumnal Equinox to Winter Solstice and Back to Vernal Equinox.

Have a look at few diagrams from the net:



Note that the SUN Does not move as shown in first diagram – its the earth’s motion that makes the Sun appear to move.

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