Houses and Characteristics it Represents

Here is the Final Summary – and a quick look at what each house stands – Its easy for a Quick review.




Houses Depicting Body Parts

Take a look at Houses Depicting Body Parts

In simpler terms for predictions – Afflicted / Spoiled Houses will give the diseases of that organ (This is just basic – there are many things to be seen apart from just this one !)


The Parts are based on concept of Kalapurusha. Note that your birth chart is actually the sky.

The ‘Kaala Pursha’ or the ‘Cosmic Man’ is a deep concept of Vedic astrology and can be explained in many ways. Jyothisha or Astrology (particularly the Vedic astrology) is regarded as Vedanga or a part of the ancient Vedas. There is a Vedic Hymn called “Purusha sukta” which explains the concept of universe and the constituent parts of the universes.

It describes the Virat purusha or the primordial being who is the motive power behind the mathematically precise universes which keep doing its function as ordained by him.

Kaala means time in Sanskrit. Every thing is consumed by time except the Virat purusha.
Virat means very big and so big that human mind cannot conceive its size.

So the purusha (male entity) who is beyond time and who rules over the all destructive time is known as Kaala purusha (Adapted From:


It is this kaal purusha that is in Sky and based on its placements the houses are their representations of Body Parts.


Houses Depicting Relationships

Take a look at following Diagram:

Understand which house represents what relationship – it will help you in your readings.


So, in simpler terms for predictions if your 8th house is spoiled – Relation with your in-laws will be in trouble.

*** Note that Father is included for Both 9th house and 10th House. Some Books consider 10th house for readings of Father – Some 9h house. You choose what’s best for you. 



Please refer : The Parameters of Childbirth Concise view (FIRST)


D9 chart in Father’s Chart was skipped to avoid excess Complexity – You can try on your own and check the Parameters.

Let’s analyze Mother’s Chart:

  1. Let’s First find out Child giving planets: (ONLY 5th house consideration is made – 9th house has also to be considered.
    1. In Birth Chart:
      1. Jupiter, Mercury
      2. Rahu, Venus – natural
    2. IN D7 Chart:
      1. Ketu, Jup, Rahu, Mercury, Sun
  2. The Marriage took place in May 1984. The Dasha’s running at that time were: SAT-JUP Till July 1985 and Dasha changed to MER-MER in August 1985
  3. Note that:
    1. In Birth Chart:
      1. Jupiter the antardasha lord (child giver) is in 5th house.
      2. Mercury is the 5th Lord in both BC and D7.
    2. So birth of child is promised.
  4. Note that Mercury Mahadasha promises may children, but father’s chart does not promise the same. Still transits also need to be studied.
    1. Explanation:
      1. Venus is the 6th lord of obstruction
      2. Mercury is in 3rd with Mars which is MB (Mrityubhang) does not favor the 5th lord. The 5th lord is under heavy affliction in 3rd house.
      3. In Mer-Ven period 1988-91: Resort to obstruction may have been made
    1. Saturn:
      1. Saturn in Libra till Dec 1984 and then Scorpio
      2. Note that Natal Saturn is Retrograde so acts from previous house. Saturn is to be on 5th house when in Libra
      3. From Scorpio aspects the 9th house
    2. Jupiter:
      1. Jupiter in Sagittarius till Jan 1985 and then moves to Capricorn in Jan 1985
      2. Jupiter is on the 9th house and aspects the 5th house
    3. MARS:
      1. In May 1985 – in Tauras
      2. In Jun-July – in Gemini
      3. In August – In Cancer
      4. From Gemini it aspects the 5th house
      5. From Cancer it over the 5th lord
    4. Moon:
      1. WITHIN 3 days of Birth:
        1. Moon was in Virgo and Libra within this range of 22 August 1985
        2. In Virgo was on 5th house
    5. D7 chart does not need separate analysis as it has same signs as that of Birth chart



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Case Study : From Child Birth Parameters (Father’s Chart)

A case is presented Here. We will check the applicability of parameters discussed earlier on this chart and check if those parameters actually hold true. Please go through Child Birth Parameters first: 

Fathers Chart: Birth and D7:


  1. Child Giving Planets:
      1. Mars (5th Lord), Jupiter, Moon
      2. Rahu and Venus natural child givers
    • In D7:
      1. Mars (by aspect to 5th house)
      2. Mercury (5th Lord)
  2. The dasha at time of Marriage – May 1984 is Rahu-Moon
  3. Subsequent Dasha are: Rahu-Mars, Jup-Jup, Jup- Sat and so on
  4. Note that Jupiter is 6th Lord of obstruction also So further child birth was not possible in Jup Mahadasha
  5. Birth of Child took place in Mahadasha of RAHU – Natural child giver and antardasha of Rahu-Mars. Note that Mahadasha of Rahu does not promise multiple children as it is not child giving planet for this horoscope.
  6. Mars is the 5th Lord and in the 5th house and in D7 aspects 5th house from 2nd house – a promise of child.
    • We analyze transits after marriage
    • Saturn:
      1. In Libra (7)
      2. Moves to Scorpio in Dec 1984
      3. It is interesting to note that since Dec 1984 – Saturn was on 5th house
      4. In D7: From Scorpio aspects the 5th Lord Mercury
    • Jupiter:
      • Jupiter in Sagittarius till Jan 1985 and then moves to Capricorn in Jan 1985
      • Became Retrograde in Jun 1984
      • From Capricorn it aspects the 9th Lord – Jupiter
      • In retrogression it also acts from 5th House
      • In D7: In Capricorn, it is over 9th house and aspects the 5th house
    • Mars:
      • In May 1985 – in Tauras
      • In Jun-July – in Gemini
      • In August – In Cancer
      • From Both Tauras and Gemini – Mars aspects the 5th House – WITHIN 90 Days of Birth
      • D7:
        1. In Tauras it is over 5th Lord mercury in ascendant
        2. In 2nd house it is over Natal Mars aspecting the 5th
    •  Moon:
      1. WITHIN 3 days of Birth:
        1. Moon was in Virgo and Libra within this range of 22 August 1985
        2. In D7 – Moon is over 5th House
        3. In Birth Chart – From Virgo aspects the 9th


____________________________________________________________________________________________Mother’s Chart will be discussed in Next Blog…

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Current Transits 2018 (Mar-Apr)

Take a look at current Transits as on 27 March 2018.

Planets like Saturn and Jupiter are slow moving remain in sign for longer duration.

Retrogression means planet move backward in a sign. It does not always imply that retrogression means planet moves to previous sign. it may change back in nakshatra. it still remain in same sign.

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Video explanation on Transits

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ChildBirth Parameters – A Concise View

If the last 2 blogs of the series seemed daunting. Have a look below for all the parameters on 1 page – Take a print and see for the same in your birth chart or anybody’s chart whom you know closely.

The Parameters to be checked are as follows:

  1. The Dasha and Antardasha
    1. If Mahadasha of Planet giving child bearing continues with suitable aspects there may be multiple childbirths
    2. Antardasha of the child giving planets promise childbirth if backed by transits
    1. Within 9 months of birth of child, JUPITER and SATURN must have aspected or be in (during transits): (ANY 1)
      • 5th House
      • 5th Lord
      • 9th House
      • 9th Lord
    2. Within 75 days/ 2 and half month of DeliveryMars should be in or aspected: (ANY 1)
      • 5th House
      • 5th Lord
      • 9Th House
      • 9th Lord
    3. Within 3 days of birth of child, Moon should be in / aspected: (ANY 1)
      1. 5th house
      2. 5th Lord
      3. 9th House
      4. 9th Lord
      5. Moon sign of any one parent
      6. Lagna of any one planet
  1. The above parameters shall be studied in Birth chart and D7 chart and in some cases D9 chart.