Jaimini Astrology Snippets

The Navamsha occupied by Atmakarka (planet with highest degree)
It is as many houses away from the position of the lagna lord, as the Lagna lord is from Lagna
It is as many houses away from the position pf 12th Lord, as 12th lord is from 12th house.
  1. Atmakaraka~Amatyakarka~Putrakarka-5th Lord-Darakarka
  2. Moon venus togather
  3. Moon aspected by Venus
  • Rajyogas must also frutify in Navamsha otherwise no use.
  • If AmK is in kendra /trikone from AK or in 11th house Birth horoscope or in D9 – good position in life attained with less struggle
  • If AK and AmK are placed in 6th, 8th, 12th positions in BC/D9- there will be struggles in obtaining positions
  • See if Karkas is afflicted they create troubles
  • If karka are aspected by benefics their promises increase beneficially.
  • Treat rashi whose dasha is running as LAGNA and see which houses ate strong
  • Analyse all sub periods
  • 10th house from dasha sign important as benefic here can give rise in career
  • LEO and SAGITTARIUS are known for rise and falls (sub periods especially)
  • Sagittarius often leads to VIOLENT events – either to self or Family members especially if rashi aspected By AK
  • AK Dasha is also period of fall (needs to be scrutinised properly – not a blind statement)
  • Ak and Amk in 6,8,12 are troublesome
  • AmK is seen for career – its placement in kendra, trikone, 10th place, or in 11th
  • AMK Position to be assesed from Lagna only.
  • Sagittarius is period of rise as well as sickness
  • When sub period of a rashi which is 6th or 8th from the MAJOR rashi dasha comes, one has to be more careful, more if it is aspected AK
  • When AK falls in 8th house from Current Rashi MAJOR OR FROM SUB PERIOD, predictions must be made carefully
  • When rashi dasha of the 6th house comes, one must be careful about children, it being second from 5th house therefore a markasthana for children
AK: Rajyoga and Mishaps
AmK: Career, Education
BK: Sibling and father
MK: Mother’s Sickness
PK: Marriage
Lgna: marriage
Upapada: Marriage
Darapada: Marriage

Some words for Zodiac signs…

Listed below are some of the words that actually describe the nature of Zodiac signs:

Aries – I am the doer

Tauras – I have

Gemini – I Think
Cancer – I Feel
Leo – I Will
Virgo – I analyse
Libra – I balance
Scorpio – I desire
Saggitarius – I see
Capricon – I use (Loner)
Aquarius – I know
Pisce – I believe

Mental Maths

For different ascendants it becomes difficult to check what sign it is in particular house. requires mental counting from ascendant ..time consuming and difficult
Here’s a simple technique
To know which sign occupies what house mentally. Do this:
  1. Consider your ascemdant sign number. Eg. Gemini – its number is 3
  2. Now if you want to find the sign in 8th house. SIMPLY SUBTRACT 1 from the house for which you want to find the sign ( 8th house – 1 = 7)
  3. Now add that number to the ascemdant sign. (Add number 7 to 3 ascemdant sign = 10 Capricorn)
  4. That gives your sign in that number. In case number is more than 12, simply subtract that number from 12. (Capricorn)
Example 2: to find 6th house for Pisces
  1. Ascendant number is 12
  2. 6th house – 1 = 5
  3. 12+5 = 17
  4. 17-12 = 5.
  5. So Leo (5) occupies 6th house for Pisces Ascendant

Important quotes from a Great Person K.N. Rao – Tips to learn Astrology

kotamraju_narayana_rao“After an event, Good or bad, has taken place whether it was predicted by an astrologer or not, every conscientious astrologer must examine the data, and draw convincing conclusions, even if it is a post mortem appraisal.

It helps future predictions, gives to his own astrological skill, a depth he would otherwise not acquire. It helps correct a mistake, discover a chink in one’s is astrological armory.”

Adapted from:
Finer Techniques of astrological predictions by K N Rao
In the chapter composite approach to predictions are use of you Mrity Bhaga part II page 119.
“….In any method of interpretation if the literal meaning is taken as has been given here NO ONE CAN INTERPRET A HOROSCOPE PROPERLY. PREDICTION IN ASTROLOGY IS AN ART OF SYNTHESIS”
P. 161 – Finer techniques of Astrologically cal Prediction Vol 1.
“”Those who come under the sway of western thinking and insist,that man has complete freedom, woll be surprised how it can be seen through Hindu Astrology that man’s freewill can operate only within his predestined fate and never outside.”
From ” Predicting through Jaimini Chara Dasha, P.56  – K N Rao
“Detailed work in the beginning leads to a habit of looking at an event from various angles and is more elaborate than a medical diagnosis. When a point of Saturation is reached, sound predictions can be made with leaser details. Then it is like an experienced doctor’s clinical diagnosis.”
P.81- Jaminini chara dasha K N Rao