3. Nakshatra on Birth Chart

Take a look at Birth chart (Sky). For easy understanding we have taken Lagna as Aries for this chart. See how the Nakshatra are aligned.

The numbers in the Bracket indicate Padas of a Nakshatra. Example Chitra Nakshatra lies in Virgo as well as Libra. It has its 2 Pada in Virgo and 2 in Libra.


Dont try to memorize the names of 27 Nakshatra – it may seem frustrating. Simply keep on referring every now and then and with time the names will gradually imbibe with your knowledge.



2. The 27 Nakshatra

Take a look at 27 constellation within the 12 signs – 

They are as follows:

  1. Ashwini  (In Aries)
  2. Bharani   (In Aries)
  3. Krittika (In Aries and Tauras)
  4. Rohini  (In Tauras)
  5. Mrigashira (In Tauras and Gemini)
  6. Ardra (In Gemini)
  7. Punar Vashu  (In Gemini and Cancer)
  8. Pushya (In Cancer)
  9. Ashlesha (In Cancer)
  10. Magha (In Leo)
  11. Purva Phalguni (In Leo)
  12. Uttar Phalguni  (In Leo and Virgo)
  13. Hasta (In Virgo)
  14. Chitra (In Virgo and Libra)
  15. Swati (In Libra)
  16. Vishakha (In Libra and Scorpio)
  17. Anuradha (In Scorpio)
  18. Jyestha (In Scorpio)
  19. Mula (In Sagittarius)
  20. Purva Ashad (In Sagittarius)
  21. Uttar Ashad (In Sagittarius and Capricorn)
  22. Shravana (In Capricorn)
  23. Dhanista (In Capricorn and Aquarius)
  24. Shatabhisha (In Aquarius)
  25. Purva Bhadra (In Aquarius and Pisces)
  26. Uttar Bhadra (In Pisces)
  27. Revati  (In Pisces)

The 28th Nakshatra is Abhijeet.

Nakshatra 1: What are Nakshatras ?

We are aware of 12 Zodiac Signs. Group of stars together form a Constellation.

Each Constellation is called as a Nakshatra. There are 27 constellation or Nakshatra.

Points to Remember: 

  1. Each is sign is of 30 degree (Sign – Aries, Leo, etc)
  2. Each sign has 2 and half constellations (Or Nakshatra) 
  3. So 30 degree (Sign) divided by 2 1/2 Constellation gives 13 degree and 20 minutes which is equal to 1 constellation.
    1. 30/2.5 = 13 degree 20 minutes
  4. Each constellation is further divided into 4 parts and each part of the constellation (Nakshatra) is called as Pada. 




  1. Each Sign is 30 degree (Each Sign is made up of 2 and 1/2 Constellation)
  2. Each Constellation is 13 degree 20 minutes  (Each Constellation is made up of 4 Pada)
  3. Each Pada within a constellation is 3 degree 20 minutes. 



October 2017 Transits

At current Transits:

We have:

SATURN: Transitting from Scorpio to Sagittarius

MARS: From Leo to Virgo


VENUS: In Virgo

Jupiter: Is still in Virgo will transit to Libra

Moon as on 13th October 2017 is in Cancer.

RAHU: Transitting from Leo to Cancer

KETU: From Aquarius to Capricorn

Sun is in Virgo.

You can have a look at the Video on our Astrologically Explained YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

The Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

When a Planet is in OWN sign or in EXALTATION 


Placed in Kendra House or Trikone (1,5,9)


  • It involves ALL planets Except Sun and Moon
  • For Mars – it is called Ruchak Yoga
  • Mercury – it is called Bhadra Yoga
  • Jupiter – it is called Hamsa Yoga
  • Venus – it is called Malavya Yoga 
  • Saturn – it is called Sasha Yoga

When all 5 planets togather combine – Ruchak, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malavya, Sasha (exc Sun and Moon) it is called as PANCH MAHAPURUSH YOGA
IT is found in a very important person, someone as important as Lord Ram

Note: An exalted planet which occupies a Kendra or Kona will create a Mahapurusha Yoga ONLY IF dispositor is Strong..

Rahu … 

Nature includes:

Tormentor, thug, liar, cheater, revolutionary, never satisfied, duality- good and bad, suddeness in action like lion who hunts and lazes by moving slow

With Mercury:

Wit, verastility, quickness, communication

Contrast to mercury it is Intuitive part of intellect

With Mars:

Becomes nore aggressive, Revolutionary

With Jupiter: 

Wastes energy as Rahu is lawless and Jup is Law

With Sun:

It is artificial of sun, Strong enemy of Sun

With Moon:

Negative Moon, illusion, paranoia

With Saturn:

Rahu is Saturn but is sudden in nature
Rahu is

FRIENDLY: To Mer, Ven, Sat

Neutral: Jup and Mars

Enemy: Sun and Moon
Rahu is 

Tamasic, brings suicidal tendencies, provided opportunity fir growth where it is placed in Chart

Thug, smoke, intoxicants, poison, insects, owl, southwest west direction, Rahu represents north lives in SW, media, actor, comedian, magician, hunter, Blackmailer, criminal, Don, sexually deviated, sexua disease, AIDS, divorce, loss of limb/eye/body part in an accident, Trance States, Smoking, Cigarrette, Alchol,Mysteriuos, Illusion, Confusion, Maya, Clouds, Mining, Petroleum – black gold, Panchdhatu, Repitles, SNAKES, Pharmacy,Polio, breathing disorders, suicidal tendencies, lunacy, dals, oils, pitcher plant, jasmine, raat rani, all flowers BLUE incolor, bush , DuRva, paan, sauf, astringent spicy foods, all clothes below waist, black blanket, sail, satin, synthetic flashy fabric, Gambling, Stocks, Lottery, mass pschye, follower of what masses do blindly, all types of photography,video games, creativity, inspiration – lightening flash, manic depression, Bizzare vications, Anything Foreign, shadowy, secret, prophets, seers,, IT, Languages, english language, death of partner, manual labor, hunger, obese, great physical strength

Paternal Grandfather and Maternal Grandmother 

Intution, electricity, research, discovery. All types of flying machines and jobs, Sky, ALWAY FUTURE LOOKING, Suprise, mysterious, maya, sudden rise or sudden fall.

Rahu is 2 sides of same coin. Positive as well as Negative.

OWN SIGN: Aquarius (11), Virgo (6)

Exaltation: Gemini(3), Somesay Scorpio

Moolatrikona: Scorpio (8)

Debiliated: Sagittarius (but not as bad)

As Closely related to Mercury and Saturn

Consider only 1st, 5th and 9th aspect

7th aspect do not consider as it already has Ketu

* Retrograde

* 18 months in one sign

* Acts Like Lion or Elephant (sometimes mad) and has surprise element

* Acts in Dakshinayan

* Active at sunset and late nights 

* Major Period: 18 years

* Strongest in Dakshniyan, when moon transits on its Nakshatra- Ardra , Swati, Shatabhisha

* Days: Wednesday and Saturday 

* Rahu related to ashtami (8th) and Panchami as relates to snakes

* Matures at 42 years

* Important years of age for Rahu: 19, 38, 57, 76.