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In case if you want your reports / predictions. You can get them Now through our blog. All you have to do is select the type of the report you need. The prices are less than a cup of coffee at your nearest Starbucks ! All predictions – are based on Astrological Principles and not on arbitrary random stuff. The principles used for prediction will also be sent alongwith your copy.

Knowledge is Always FREE !!! ….. and will be…..

In case you dont want any reports – the information and concise notes developed by meticulous efforts of reading and research are always FREE on Astrologically Explained. Read them and analyse your own charts. All information on the blog is not copy-paste. Its Hours of reading and analysing charts. Pay a tribute by following us !

If the Jargon is too much .. Select one option below and get your predictions right on your Mobile with accuracy based on Astrological Principles.



Get your FULL COMPUTERISED REPORT directly on your e-mail or on your whatsapp. Does not Include Astrological Principles / any personal analysis.

Digital Delivery time: 2 Working Days.

Report includes all charts – Dasha periods, General Interpretations, Current Year computerised report.

OPTION 2 :  

1 Question Report @ Rs 199 (3 US $)

Pick up any specific 1 question troubling you or you need to know and

Get your CUSTOMISED REPORT – Analysis personally done by me and delivered digitally to you. You will get a detailed report with analysis done from all aspects and charts with explanations.

Digital Delivery Time: 3 Working Days.


3 Question Report @ Rs 499 (7.65 US$)

Pick up any 3 questions troubling you or you need to know and

Get your CUSTOMISED REPORT – Analysis personally done by me and delivered digitally to you. Analysis will be detailed and all the principles used for predictions will also be sent.

Digital Delivery Time: 5 Working Days.


General Interpretations of Life and any 1 Specific Question @ Rs 999 (15 US $)

Get your general analysis and specific answers to your specific question.

Get your CUSTOMISED REPORT – Analysis personally done by me and delivered digitally to you. You can top up additional questions by adding 99 Rs / question extra. 

Digital Delivery Time: 7 Working Days.


For Indian Readers, Can pay via Paytm. Scan the code below:


For Readers Outside India, You can PayPal – Please e-mail first at We will update you how you can proceed for payment.



  1. Please send in your Exact Birth Date, Birth time and Place alongwith country.
  2. Please Pay FIRST. After you receive payment confirmation – you will get your digital copy in working days specified in options stated above. Please be rest assured your payment is safe backed by accurate delivery of report within specified time. You will soon receive a confirmation once you make the payment.
  3. Be specific with your questions to get specific answers – Avoid general questions like Career – How will my career be ? How is my life ?
  4. Please do not ask for decision making stuff like Which branch in career should i choose OR should i go for Divorce – The decision taking is your call. I can provide you ONLY astrological insights.
  5. Please provide one event in past with time – so that we can verify your event astrologically and check authenticity of Kundli
  6. We do not provide ANY REMEDIES – for that you can consult a Brahmin or a person well versed in Religion astrological remedies. We work on pure science – Interpret astrological principles and Provide you reports not remedies of Puja or Mantra Uchharan.
  7. OPTIONS 2, 3, 4 are also backed up by my e-mail responses to your questions asked – In case you have any doubts or need explanations regarding your interpretations.