Myself Dr. Rujit Desai, a dentist by profession but lured by astrology.

” I am a student…Not a predictor, nor I have a certificate in Astrology, nor I am pursuing one. But all I can say is….. A strong pursuit by self to learn astrology to the core has driven me. (Rahu effect). When life happens and correlates Astrologically..that’s what is amusing… All this blog writing has come may be due to effect of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – represent communication…That too explains astrologically the urge by me to write a blog…. I am not a writer”

“I do not promote fatalistic attitude that astrology is the cause of events. NO, Life is a card game. The Cards you get – good or bad is Astrology and how you play it – Is you will power. But True will power is an illusion – you will learn as you go deeper.”


So, if you don’t like DISCARD OR learn something from what i have been learning. Will be putting up …hopefully… regularly what i Learn….”


Dr. Rujit Desai